About Us

Tennis for Kids was incorporated in 2015 by Anthony White, a Tennis Australia Professional Club Coach with over 20 years coaching experience.  Anthony has coached children from the age of 3 years old right through to touring professionals and held a number of different management roles including the Director of Tennis at the Queensland Tennis Centre.   Through Tennis For Kids, Anthony and his team of coaches pass on their knowledge,  experience and love of tennis to children across Brisbane.

In 2019, a new chapter will begin with Jim Joyce joining Tennis For Kids to help mentor and guide our next generation of coaches and players.

All our coaches are hand chosen to provide you and your child with the most enjoyable introduction to tennis possible.

Tennis For Kids coaches are Tennis Australia qualified, hold current blue cards and first aid qualifications. While our coaches vary in ages and backgrounds they share one thing in common – A love of tennis. Some of our coaches are pursuing professional tennis careers. Other coaches are fully qualified school teachers with experience playing top grade tennis fixtures. While some coaches are “career coaches” – Coaches with 20-40 years experience playing and teaching the sport they love.

Tennis for Kids programs have been specifically developed to help kids have fun and success in tennis as soon as possible.

Our coaches follow the Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program, utilising specialised equipment including lighter racquets, modified courts, small nets and low compression balls. As children get older, develop better skills and learn more technique they graduate to full size tennis courts and full compression balls.

Tennis for Kids coaching has three goals.

  • Having Fun – Tennis for Kids believes in teaching children through play. Therefore, as well as technical elements each lesson will be full of all sorts of “modified tennis” games. So children will play “up dog”, “down dog”, “splat rallies”, “tennis cricket”, “tennis baseball”, “pass the chook”, “hot potato”, “fruit salad”, “crocodile”, “shoot the duck”, “around the world”, “elimination” and many other strange sounding games! These games help teach basic coordination, technical tennis skills, teamwork and fair play …….as well as making the learning experience fun!

  • Acquisition of skills & coordination – Guided by our qualified coaches, children will progress from introductory sessions that focus on hand-eye coordination, body control, and balance through to technical stroke production and tactical point play. Underpinned by a philosophy of “learning through play” lessons plans constantly evolve to ensure children are being challenged.

  • Learning respect, discipline and fair play – Each tennis lesson is an opportunity for your child to implement the important life skills they learn at home and in the classroom. Children will be expected to show respect to their coach by listening and following instructions. And in game situations rewards will be given, based upon fair play and honesty, not just winning.