2021 Tennis Queensland Club of the Year – Finalist

Having Fun

Having Fun – Tennis for Kids believes in teaching children through play. Therefore, as well as technical elements each lesson will be full of all sorts of “modified tennis” games. So children will play “up dog”, “down dog”, “splat rallies”, “tennis cricket”, “tennis baseball”, “pass the chook”, “hot potato”, “fruit salad”, “crocodile”, “shoot the duck”, […]

Acquisition of skills & coordination

Acquisition of skills & coordination – Guided by our qualified coaches, children will progress from introductory sessions that focus on hand-eye coordination, body control, and balance through to technical stroke production and tactical point play. Underpinned by a philosophy of “learning through play” lessons plans constantly evolve to ensure children are being challenged.

Learning respect, discipline and fair play

Learning respect, discipline and fair play – Each tennis lesson is an opportunity for your child to implement the important life skills they learn at home and in the classroom. Children will be expected to show respect to their coach by listening and following instructions. And in game situations rewards will be given, based upon […]