Is your school a Tennis Sporting School?

Did you know Tennis For Kids can help your school’s PE teacher deliver professional tennis programs during school PE sessions?  Fully funded via the Federal Government’s Sporting Schools program, your school can receive professional coach sessions and brand new tennis equipment organised by Tennis Australia.   Tennis is a sport kids love to play and […]

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Did your child get their exercise in today?

The physical benefits of regular exercise for children is well researched and documented – Improved bone density, muscle strength, better cardiovascular system and superior motor skills.  However, according to experts, exercise not only impacts a child’s physical health but also their ability to learn, concentrate, adapt to new tasks and their overall mental health. Just […]

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New Tennis Infrastructure Grant Announced For Schools

Congratulations to Wellers Hill State Primary School and Camp Hill State Primary School – Both schools have been successful in receiving funding to upgrade their tennis courts as part of the first round of funding in the Tennis in State Schools Initiative (TISSI). Two Brisbane schools were recently announced as successful recipients of the TISSI grant […]

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How to choose the right tennis racquet for your child

I am often asked by parents if their child’s racquet is the correct size.  Unfortunately, the answer is not always straightforward and a number of factors need to be considered.   A larger racquet will give more reach, have a bigger sweet spot and provide additional power (through leverage and weight).  These benefits often bring […]

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What is kids sport really about?

tennis for kids

In my career, as a player and coach, I have come across plenty of people who make kids sport about winning and losing.  The focus is on creating the next champion whatever the financial or psychological cost!   But statistically speaking our children have more chance earning a living as a brain surgeon than they […]

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