2021 Tennis Queensland Club of the Year – Finalist

Is your school a Tennis Sporting School?

Did you know Tennis For Kids can help your school’s PE teacher deliver professional tennis programs during school PE sessions?  Fully funded via the Federal Government’s Sporting Schools program, your school can receive professional coach sessions and brand new tennis equipment organised by Tennis Australia.  

Tennis is a sport kids love to play and provides so many physical and emotional benefits.  However, tennis can be difficult to teach – It is quite a technical sport and there are many different strokes and techniques to learn.  In addition, teaching tennis to PE classes requires a significant investment in equipment – Up to 30 racquets, 60 balls, nets, courts etc etc.  Due to these factors, many schools and PE teachers have shied away from including tennis in their PE curriculum, despite the obvious benefits the sport brings.  

To address these issues, Tennis For Kids is now working with Tennis Australia to deliver Sporting Schools Tennis during PE classes.  Programs are fun, inclusive, and targeted at a level where all children can have success – Whether they have played tennis before or not.  

Our professional coaches design and plan the program (according to the school timetable) and then work alongside the school’s PE teacher to deliver each session.  All sessions are produced specifically for the Australian school sector, having educative purpose aligned with the National School Curriculum. This means Tennis For Kids programs support PE teachers to meet their curriculum needs and by working alongside our coaches we find PE teachers gain the confidence to deliver tennis programs of their own with success and competence.   

Quality equipment is provided by Tennis Australia and funded via Sporting Schools.  Equipment packs include more than enough equipment for a class of up to 30 students – Racquets, balls, nets, markers etc etc.  With the equipment provided schools don’t even need a full size tennis court to conduct the tennis program!  

Here is what some of the participating PE teachers have said about the Tennis For Kids Sporting School experience, 

“A big thank you to Tennis for Kids for running the ANZ Hot Shots Program for our Grades 3-6 students at Coorparoo State School! It has been a wonderful and engaging unit for both the students and teachers. Having not been overly confident in delivering the program ourselves, allowing coaches to come in and run the first few weeks to setup a strong foundation, then leave it to us to finish has been both educational and rewarding. Everything from the equipment to the delivery of the lessons has been smooth and easy to follow. I would highly recommend to any school, as it’s an engaging and skilful program closely linked to the Australian Curriculum and the students thoroughly enjoyed it!” Monique (HPE Teacher, Coorparoo State Primary School) 

“Graceville State School implemented a Tennis Australia Sporting Schools program with students in Prep to Grade 3.  In total we have some 400 children participate in the program over a 4-week period during their PE class timetable.  The program was implemented by Anthony White and Tennis For Kids coaches.  From the very first day of contact I found Anthony to be flexible, highly professional and easy to work with…..The program itself was highly engaging for my students as they developed their hand-eye co-ordination and striking skills.  Each of my students found the program both fun and challenging as the many activities catered for the multitude of abilities that existed within each class.  I would highly recommend the use of Anthony and his coaches to implement any tennis program within the school environment.”   Wayne (HPE Teacher – Graceville State Primary School)

“I would just like to thank Tennis For Kids for their tremendous effort to ensure our Sporting Schools, Tennis Hot Shots program went well. I was extremely impressed with the level of support throughout the entire process. No question I had was too small.  Our coach, was extremely professional. He arrived early to set up, provided lesson plans and was extremely patient with our year 1 and year 2 students.I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about trying the Sporting School Schools Hot Shots. The application process was simple and the equipment provided was excellent.  A big thank you for providing an amazing program.”  Erin (HPE Teacher Sherwood State Primary School)

Research shows that quality sport and physical activity in schools has a positive influence on children’s confidence, competence and motivation to be active at school and throughout their life.   

Whether you are a HPE teacher, a parent or a school administrator, if you are looking for assistance to deliver Tennis in your school, email Tennis For Kids at [email protected] 

Sporting Schools is a $200 million Australian Government initiative designed to help schools to increase children’s participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities.