2021 Tennis Queensland Club of the Year – Finalist

New Tennis Infrastructure Grant Announced For Schools

The Tennis in State Schools Initiative (TISSI) is a joint project between Tennis Australia (TA), Tennis Queensland (TQ) and Education Queensland to help schools refurbish, improve or build new tennis facilities.

Projects are funded via a 3-way contribution model, with each of the below partners (or contributors) required to contribute one third of the total project cost,

  1. Tennis (Tennis Australia & Tennis Queensland),
  2. Department of Education and
  3. Individual state school

Two Brisbane schools were recently announced as successful recipients of the TISSI grant and will look to use the grants to refurbish their tennis courts and create thriving school tennis communities.

Under the TISSI model, the cost incurred by an individual school to have 2 tennis courts re-surfaced would be reduced from approximately $24,000 to only $8,000.  “The Tennis in State Schools Initiative is a funding model unlike anything we have seen before in Queensland,” said Tennis For Kids Director, Anthony White.  “This is a generous fund, all about nurturing tennis at the grassroots.”

As a leading deliverer of Tennis Australia school programs and a Tennis Queensland affiliate, Tennis For Kids has been assisting their P&C’s and school administrations with the TISSI application process –  Answering questions, compiling quotes and helping with supporting letters.