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What does it mean to play #LikeAGirl? Please take the time to watch the short video below.  

Gender stereotyping is a common process in which children’s biological sex can determine the activities they engage in, how they perceive themselves and what they think they are capable of achieving. 

Tennis For Kids wants to help change the negative stereotyping that can be attached to playing #LikeAGirl.

Often a result of our environment and how we are socialised, sports can be considered a masculine domain.   This form of gender stereotyping can result in girls saying they don’t like sport, stop trying when they play sport and distancing themselves from sport altogether.

Through our #LikeAGirl Programs TennisFor Kids is attempting to create an environment that encourages girls to stay on-court, have fun and play their way. This program is the first step in a pathway to helping teenage girls become the next generation of tennis players, coaches and industry leaders.  

We want girls to feel empowered on the tennis court and know sport is a female domain as much as it is a male domain – Be proud to play tennis #LikeAGirl!   

  • #LikeAGirl Tennis Program at Stuartholme School

    2pm- 4pm Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd September 2021 

    This program is suitable for girls from any school aged 11 years and up who have played inter school tennis or have received professional tennis coaching and are capable of rallying and matchplay.    

    Program is delivered by Stuartholme Head Coach, Beatriz Signori at the Stuartholme Tennis Centre – Access via 365 Birdwood Terrace, Toowong.

    TOTAL EVENT COST = $90 for 3 days or $35 for a single day enrolment 

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