2021 Tennis Queensland Club of the Year – Finalist

The primary school

The primary school years are a critical period for children to develop coordination skills and in our opinion no other sport can deliver the same level of total skill development as tennis. Tennis lessons teach hand-eye coordination, total motor control, ball tracking and striking skills, all the while building balance, foot speed, strength, fitness, agility […]

Tennis is a true family sport

Tennis is a true family sport. Everyone can get on the same court and share in the fun – Mum, Dad, brothers, sisters, parents and even grandparents!. Tennis is one of the few sports that can be played for a lifetime – From the age of 3 to 103!

Tennis teaches important life skills

Tennis teaches important life skills. In children, tennis hones important strategic and problem solving skills while also fostering a strong work ethic, discipline, and sense of sportsmanship. Doubles play and tennis team events (such as interschool tennis) teach children important social skills and teamwork.